Leadership Retreats

Being a volunteer for a Non-profit is not a walk in the park…It takes work, commitment, passion and diligence. Sometimes, it takes patience to deal with the other people that you’re working with. And the oddest part about it is, you’re not even getting paid! However, the rewards that can be attained through committed volunteerism are enumerable. The experience creates: lifelong relationships with people who have similar beliefs, a positive impact on local or world communities and fills a place in the heart and soul that no paycheck ever could.

The next step is learning how to do the work effectively and with a lot of fun! CIME4 conducts unique, private on-site training for team development and organizational leadership. We’ve brought our full-day Leadership Retreat to established organizations, as well as to new and developing 501 (c) 3 agencies.

Whether a group is seeking to:

  • educate a corps of volunteers on critical non-profit fundamentals
  • identify, plan and execute a fundraising effort or special event
  • determine the key elements of an effective marketing & social media presence
  • develop a strategic plan with established leadership
  • construct the building-blocks for a successful Annual Campaign
  • or

  • energize a complacent or non-functional organizational structure

    CIME4 can assist you in reaching your goals . . . . and have fun in the process!

    We can help your company or non-profit gain a better footing in today’s very competitive marketplace.  By building team morale you can increase productivity while streamlining the bottom line and providing the appropriate tools to maximize the effects.

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    “All the workshops in the world won’t help your organization if your leadership is not committed to doing the work.” ~Sheryl Ross