Welcome to CIME4

There are many factors that set CIME4 in a class by itself.  Most important is our veritas philosophy.  Imagine a group of individuals who pride themselves on giving their word and fulfilling what they said.  No outside force compels them, no authority is necessary to get the job done right . . . they simply know no other way in which to conduct themselves.  It is honest, ethical and hearkens back to a time when people were as good as their word.

At CIME4, we deliver an intimate approach to business with relationship building at its core.   We pride ourselves on being a consortium of extraordinary professionals who can deliver the goods!  We specialize in comprehensive communication design, internet, marketing, fundraising and event planning based on client needs.  From conceptualization to implementation, we interact with our clients!  We’re passionate about what we do and we do it with business acumen, creativity, professionalism and pride . . . and it shows.


We understand that the design and promotion of your business is essential to keeping your clientele interested in your product, services or mission.  CIME4 can develop your brand, create your advertising and launch your presence in the community or on the web.  We can even help with your organizational flow!


Sometimes it takes new ways of thinking in order to have breakthroughs for new ways of doing.  CIME4 is a consulting, marketing and visual arts firm that initiates and promotes that philosophy.  We have the unique ability to integrate eclectic areas of interest, from highly technical to infinitely creative and produce effective and efficient solutions.


The management of your business identity, branding materials, marketing strategy, promotion and execution is an extremely important factor to your success.  With one firm orchestrating all those needs, clients can propel forward a message or product with ease and impact.  Couple that management initiative with artistic flair and ethical business practices – now you have true excellence!


The best reason to select a company is not only for the work it does, but also for the way it does its work!  Many companies can create a product, but to deliver that product with care, efficiency and mutual respect for the other people involved . . . now that’s the future!!