We’re More!

In this stretched economy, no one wants to spend for products and services alone. You want the smart ideas behind them. Many people are cutting back on marketing, PR and Social Media just when they need it the most. In an effort to cut costs, keep their personnel and maintain their product or service line; they stop telling the consumer about what they have to offer! Actually, this is the most critical time for new ideas and exposure!

Businesses and non-profits are searching for ways to get the greatest “bang for their buck”. If they use price as the only factor, the final equation is woefully inadequate. Ultimately you won’t save money and you ROI is non-existent.  You’ll use more energy updating and your efforts won’t last.  You’ll get exactly what you paid for and nothing more!

CIME4 believes in providing MORE! That’s more ideas and solutions with reduced price structures; more crossover marketing; more options for effectiveness; and most importantly, more involvement for your project! CIME4 is the new solution for consulting, when you’re not even looking for more . . . but you want it.

  • People have said we’re too professional!  We ask too many questions, get things done quickly or before deadline  and we always maintain quality.
  • We’re not the cheapest, but we’re not the most expensive either. We always seek to save you money, create value and maximize your budget whenever we can.

Due to the way we treat you- when you interact with us, you feel as if you are our only client! The focus is on you. We know how to get excited about your project, product or service; sometimes even more than you do! We even give you more than you’ve asked for; because it’s all that we know. MORE!