CIME4 is best known for its internet marketing, leadership development and branding expertise.  Its consultants have guided many start-up businesses, established companies and non-profits in their growth process by: conducting needs assessments, creating comprehensive identity campaigns, developing on-line marketing plans, orchestrating events and offering virtual technical troubleshooting when needed.

In addition to its custom websites and branding strategies, CIME4 also conducts comprehensive retreats for team development and organizational leadership. We’ve brought our unique training approach to small businesses and established organizations, as well as to new 501(c)3 agencies. Regardless of whether a group is seeking to educate a new staff or their corps of volunteers on critical fundamentals or identify, plan and execute a fundraising effort . . . CIME4 can assist.

We help your company or non-profit gain a better footing in today’s competitive marketplace. By providing the appropriate tools to build team efficiency and morale, we maximize the effects on productivity while streamlining your bottom line!  

We’re here for you!